The village of „Muntenii de Sus” it lies on the North-Eastern part of the city of Vaslui, at a distance of 6 km from it, with an over 300 years old ethnographic traditions, historical and economic. Spread on each side of a rill that springs from the „Râpa Bisericii” surrounded on 3 sides by hills.
   The village museum of “Muntenii de Sus” was founded by the border project "Traditii in oglindă” (Traditions in the mirror), funded by the E.U Neighborhood Program Romania-Moldova, Phare CBC 2004. The museum's financiers wish for the museum in the future, to be a cultural landmark of the area of Vaslui.
Muzeul Traditiilor
   The peasant house in which the museum works, originally built of beams, hosted in time, the oldest traditions of Romanian folk art. Thus, it wishes for the new museum to send in time it’s visitors to know which were the elements that constructed a peasant household.
Camera de zi
   In the living room was arranged a headed bed, a trunk, a weaver, a dowry chest, a round table with chairs, stove with hearth, with a hanger for clothes and the walls are decorated with carpets, mats and towels.
   In the lobby we encounter two dummies, a man and a woman, suited with folk clothes representative of the village.
   The Workshop hosts agricultural tools, the cart for oxes, barrels, a grapse smasher, a big wooden sled, a bench for carpentry, a trough, a wooden mill, chests, cooking pots of clay, traditional masks and tools for woven objects.
   The peasant house is surrounded with a fence made of wove with.
   The building is in the old hearth village and is composed of: a living room, a lobby, a clean room, a porch and balcony with wooden poes and a workshop.