Commune Muntenii de Sus distinguish between other localities of Vaslui county, primarily through its traditional character. In this respect have been preserved many original elements in connection with the popular suit, folk art, winter traditions, and several pieces of folklore music. All this treasure of folk kept deliver the elder may be threatened in its existence of modern forms of life that get increasingly more Romanian village. Also elements of folklore and folk art should be known by as many residents of the county and country, they are true values and artistic at the same time documents of the spiritual life of past and present. The existence of a rich ethnographic material justifies the wish to build a museum village. The Museum presence will have several features: first the conservation of these objects of great interest to know the folk culture of the county Vaslui. The museum will be a source of pride for the inhabitants of Muntenii de Sus, a real card that will represent them and their ancestors. Museum will also have great educational value for students, some hours may be kept inside it. Due to the nearness of the municipality of Vaslui and students from city schools will be able to know the ethnographic interest at home in their full original. The museum village will enter into the national tour and will play an important cultural and educational for the whole county of Vaslui and beyond. 

înv. Daniela ADAM,
project manager „Tradiţii în oglindă“